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rapper – Last week

last week, pepsico announced doritos is getting one of its three spots in the big game and days later unveiled the chip’s newest flavor, flamin’ hot nacho now, it’s sharing a small bite of its creative approach

rapper – Lil Plantation’s bio read

lil plantation’s bio read, “don’t get offended these songs our [sic] just for entertainment purposes online ” the student who recorded the songs reportedly asked his peers to play the music at school on their phones, which got the attention of several teachers the wicomico county public school board is currently investigating the issue lil plantation’s bio read,...

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rapper – Andy

andy, i can only speak for myself when i was a child i was a tomboy instead of playing barbies, i played pirates and cops and robbers i went through a phase when i just wore motorcycle t-shirts my parents did not make a big deal about it i never doubted i was a girl,...

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