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Video SEO

Video Search Engine Optimization adds long lasting benefits to your video.

Video Search Engine Optimization, or Video SEO for short, is the process of looking at keywords that your target audience(the people that would be most interested in what you have to offer) is looking for in order to better match what your video is about, in this way search engines like Google or Bing will be more likely to show your video when someone searches for those keywords. By looking up what terms are being searched for, and optimizing the title and description of your video, you can get more free traffic that is looking for your content online.

How do we get your band name to fame above the rest? Say you are on YouTube, and you are looking for ‘blues band music’, that’s a search term that thousands of people look for every month, so it makes sense that the first video that shows up, will get a lot of views, doesn’t it?

The same video would show up on the top of YouTube’s search results if you look for the same artist, Peach, and look for her song’s name, Girls Rock, but unless you have heard of Peach somew else and you were looking for that exact name, how else would you find her music?

Check this example, if you do a search for ‘stunts on bikes’, thousands of people are searching for that term everyday, so it makes sense having a video like we do showing at the top is a great way to get more views to your video, like the video we promoted for KNS Rockstar with over 300,000 views:

In contrast, if you search for ‘KNS Rockstar’, other videos show up, but you have to know that band’s name, otherwise people would not do a search or find the band’s videos, this is why the videos that show up have very few views: