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Emerging Talent – The band raised waves on the local and

Music Crowns is a global platform for finding music artists, a point of contact for the world’s best unsigned, independent and re-signed music artists. Music Crowns is the leading global platform for the discovery, promotion and opportunity of the world’s best independent and pioneering music artists. “We thought it was important to continue creating new...

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NYC Eyes June –

M. According to Cuomo, virology experts have reviewed data on infections and hospitalizations and have authorized the reopening of hospitals in the north, the Finger Lakes region the New York center, the Mohawk Valley and the south tier for the second phase. District officials learned during a 7 p.m. phone interview that state appointed health...

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Weird Historical Music – There are some soulful

There are some soulful contributions, including “Beaten Gold” with Penelope Oddity which adds warm and captivating harmonies to the building’s rhythms, “Greed” with Jerome Thomas, a neo spirit song with soothing qualities, and “By The Moon” with Rie’s soothing voice, all fantastic things. Boring and weird historical music” has just been released on High Focus...

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