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Peter Hakola/Audio/Spotify – Born in East London MALUNGA

Born in East London, MALUNGA first appeared on stage in 2015 with its first EP “Exhibit A”, which was enthusiastically received by fans and critics. Recommended if you like the sounds of NAO, Mahalia or Solange, MALUNGA is an exciting talent, characterized by “your” rich and unique vocal abilities and “your” keen sense of contagious...

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Tom Morello + – “Ticketmeister – owned by the same company

“Ticketmeister – owned by the same company as Bonnaro, Austin City Limits, Electric Daisy CarnivalElectric and others – invests in technology to recognize individuals who are at risk of being unregistered, colorful, and amateur transambers with a criminal record or unfair arrest. Tom Morello is one of many musicians of various genres who have joined...

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Donovan Mitchell Shades – Mitchell didn’t like these

Mitchell didn’t like these players at all and preferred to concentrate on the boys who were on their plates and proudly represented their country. According to Aris Barkas of Eurohoops, after the match, Mitchell was asked about those who decided to skip the American team’s experience. In a defeat that shocked the international basketball community,...

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