andy, i can only speak for myself when i was a child i was a tomboy instead of playing barbies, i played pirates and cops and robbers i went through a phase when i just wore motorcycle t-shirts my parents did not make a big deal about it i never doubted i was a girl, but deep inside i wished i was a boy, because i thought boys had more fun i looked and acted so much like a boy sometimes, that if i was in an unfamiliar environment, i would get kicked out of the girl’s bathroom as i grew up, i changed
i’m still not a prissy girl, but that does not make me any less female all i can say is, speaking for myself, these teachings would have caused me psychological damage and major confusion as a 9 year old when i heard about female menstruation for the first time, i freaked out it sounded like the most horrific thing in the world (and sometimes it is, lol!)
but as a child with an immature perception, i would have thought…”if t’s a way to get out of this, then i want it! puberty blockers or whatever it takes ” this is just me, because i know how i thought as a kid
i’m grateful my parents just accepted me for who i was and did not put a label on me i’m glad they did not use gender stereotypes to define me although i am now a wife and a mom, i still don’t fit in many of those feminine stereotypical roles, but isn’t that what accepting a person for who they are all about? andy, i can only speak for myself