In his first pre-season game, Sion was very good because he lost 16 points and was anyw on the field making monsters crazy. Of course, it’s just the preseason, so fans shouldn’t be in a hurry, but it still seems that Zion Williamson had the weight of the world on his shoulders and came in this season because he was number one in conception. Williamson was able to put together several RPG games and even combine them with Lonzo Ball to create an extraordinary aley-op. Like a few nights ago, the players on the pitch seemed afraid to get in the way of Zion and several times they are on the way to let him go directly to the basket. Sion played the ball with a pass and then returned to Lonzo and turned the ball w he played the ball. Fans started when Lonzo and Sion were defeated in the 2:1 victory 2:1. Since LeBron James, t hasn’t been such a high-profile player and the fans are curious to see if he can meet impossible expectations. On Wednesday night Williamson started again, but this time he scored 29 points in just 27 minutes. It was a phenomenal achievement that brought the whole NBA to speak. Tell me about the New Hip Hop news. These two are special.

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