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Katie Kittermaster – Music Crowns is the global platform

Music Crowns is the global platform for the discovery of musical artists, the basic brand of the world’s best unsigned, independent and newly signed musical artists. Music Crowns is the world’s premier platform for discovering artists, promotions and opportunities for the world’s best non-signatory, independent and revolutionary musical artists. Musicians Against Homelessness was founded by...

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Stream Drake NBA – There are lines about “your” future

There are lines about “your” future residence in Las Vegas, “your” status in the Forbes cash list, as well as a sign of “your” struggle with Pusha T last year, where Pushchok tried to understand that Drake became a father – “last year, n******************* because they told me so” – but little about the “Golden...

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Thom Yorke Previews – In fact this issue gives rise to a

In fact, this issue gives rise to a voice message stating that “Anima technologies has received orders from the authorities to stop its announced activities and not continue. “At the end of the message, part of Thom York’s song “Not the News” is played. A website was also created for Anima Technologies, but when Pitchfork...

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Carlos Santana – Carlos Santana in Woodstock

Carlos Santana in Woodstock, “Supernatural” with 20 and “Says Africa”: Old. Hispanic Carlos Santana has a great year: Woodstock’s 50th birthday, Supernatural’s 20th birthday, and now a new album with Spanish singer Buika, Africa Speaks. Like Carlos Santana in Alta. Earlier this year, Santana’s band met the Spanish singer Bujka. The common denominator, called “he”,...

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Big Boi ’ – Big Bois’ youngest son Cross finished high

Big Bois’ youngest son, Cross, finished high school Saturday at Woodward Academy in College Park, GA, but the ceremony was another reason hip hop fans enjoyed it. But when you look at the proud smile on Big Bois Instagram’s family photo, it’s like time hasn’t passed. Big Boi and Andre 3000 haven’t played together since,...

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