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AL BROOMFIELD DIES – A talented musician – knowing how to

A talented musician – knowing how to play drums, saxophone and guitar – he started his “own” solo career after performing in the bands Shades of Brown and The Chevrons His biggest success was his 1987 album “Broomfield”, whose single “Don’t Cover Up Your Feelings” had some success. Born in Florida, Al-Broomfield belonged to a...

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Deveraux Cannick – According to Complex Deveraux Cannick

According to Complex, Deveraux Cannick Anthony “Harv” Ellison’s attorney, told reporters today that the kidnapping was a commercial setup. “There is no robbery, kidnapping or assault,” Cannick said after an audience at the Thurgood Marshall Courtthouse in New York last Friday. That’s how we make money. “Tekashi 69’s album Dummy Boy was released in November...

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Concert Company Sofar – The New York State Department of

The New York State Department of Labor has launched an investigation into the practice of Sofar Sounds, which offers “intimate” concerts in places such as homes, shops and other non-traditional concert halls. Sofar Sounds is a lucrative company funded by various venture capital funds, including Richard Branson’s Virgin Group, and uses an extensive network of...

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STAY POSITIVE – If you’ve listened to the best soul seasons

If you’ve listened to the best soul seasons lately, you can’t help but get an elegant earwig from D.C.’s modern soul groove. R. -‘Vibes positive’. As a child, Dawn was surrounded by music – the sounds of people like Gladys Knight, Whitney Houston, Bob Marley and Janet Jackson.. all great influences on her. Positive Vibes’...

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Megan Thee Stallion – It is called “Folder” and appears in

It is called “Folder” and appears in the latest issue of the series “Quality Control in Street Construction”. The latest edition of this series follows the “Quality Control 2017” series: Street Control, Quality Control Vol. – Atlanta Record Company, Migos, Lil Yachty and other issues of Street Control, Compilation Vol. of Street Control, Vol. of...

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Religious Beliefs – On Nergala’s canvas shirt the group

On Nergala’s canvas shirt, the group wrote: “[Nergal] yesterday was expelled from the gymnasium in the states where Hippo traveled because he was wearing a Darktron T-shirt and asked if he believed in Jesus Christ. Nergal was wearing a Darktron T-shirt, and the group was asked if they worshiped Jesus Christ. If you decide to...

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