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Motley Crue Nikki – Motley bassist Crew Nicky Six made a

Motley bassist Crew Nicky Six made ade a film called Steel Panther, which in a recent interview joked that he would be Vince Neil if they could revive the musician. Nikki Six knows that Steel Panther is a comedy band, but he hasn’t yet succeeded with Motley Crues. According to guitarist Sutchell, Motley Crue hates...

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Katy Perry Appeals – In the trial appeal which concerned

In the trial appeal, which concerned rapper Flame’s 2009 single “Joyful Noise” Perry and the others asked the court to overturn the verdict or open a new trial. Luke” Gottwald, Capitol Records and others appeal a recent verdict that Perry’s “Dark Horse” plagiarizes a 2009 Christian rap single, Variety reports and can confirm Pitchfork. Pitchfork...

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Watch Festival Crowd – The moment was captured on video and

The moment was captured on video and shared on Hale’s Instagram page, the second slide of the post that shows a close-up of the cake congratulating her on her birthday, with a “we love you” message from Danny Wimmer Presents, the party organizer. Clearly Hale, who wore a nice white riveted leather jacket, was completely...

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