Far from wallowing, Zayn Malik has thrown himself into some very saucy work as he was seen in the video for his new single Let Me, while getting extremely intimate with stunning model, Sofia Jamora in the gangster-themed shoot.

Zayn was looking extremely hunky as he shot the dramatic video in which he was colluding with gangsters and made a delivery of money in a briefcase.

After Zayn hands over the money, he then heads on to the dancefloor w he beats up a number of gangsters leading to the stunning model being held hostage with a gun to her neck.

The video is part of a series as the final scene sees the screen spread with ‘To be continued’, undoubtedly to the delight of Zayn’s adoring fans.

Aside from his new video, concerns have been overshadowed by persistent speculation surrounding his personal life and a recent, high-profile split with supermodel Gigi.But the turbulence of the last month appears to be behind Zayn Malik as he prepares to sail on what one hopes will be calmer waters with his forthcoming second album and its lead single, Let Me.And the star insists he has moved on from his recent split with Gigi and is fully focussed on promoting his first musical output since 2016 debut Mind of Mine reached number 1 in the UK and US album charts.

International success, as well as former girlfriend Gigi’s New York and Los Angeles based career, inevitably resulted in Zayn following a well-trodden path by relocating to the United States.

Zayn’s new single Let Me will be aired from 1:00pm on Thursday, April 12.