Singing Room, winner of the Soul Train Award for “Best Soul Website,” features top R&B singers, candid interviews, new R&B music, soul music, R&B news, R&B videos, and fashion and lifestyle editorials. The long-awaited single “All I Got” consists of an infectious flow that complements the singer’s dreamy and reflective lyrics, while overlaid percussion serves only to accentuate her warm and soothing vocals. Yung Fulani, a young Gambian-American artist, has just released her new single titled “All I Got.” Yung Fulani is currently striving to excite everyone around her with her music, to make her name known, while staying true to her essence. With her maturity and emotional resonance, a sense of experience beyond her age, honesty and vulnerability, this smooth beat is sure to excite the most discerning hip-hop and R&B fans. As a singer, she has a sweet and versatile voice that can be both charming and sweet, but is also capable of expressing her pain in matters of the heart and over unfaithful lovers. Young says that this is just the beginning of her musical career and that she still has a lot to offer her fans. Since 2005, Singerrum has been the voice of R&B around the world. Her sensual, flowing melodies and coolness make her an artist to look up to. Integrating, reinforcing and sticking to her roots, she believes that she has something unique to offer. Travis Garland – Paint Feat. is a song of longing, an ode to her lover and all that she is willing to do for him. Go ahead, sing her song, she hits the nail on the head and gives her man everything she’s got. Follow us on social media below.

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