On July 4, the young Tug made a surprising statement on the most patriotic day of the year: “He” said that he “intends to run for president of the United States and Gunn for vice president”. The young criminal may never be president, but he recently also said something that seems infinitely more likely: it seems that he is about to release a new album, although So Much Fun has just been released. In a new interview with “Real 92” in Los Angeles. 3, he said that he would impose a redistribution of wealth and said: “I will change the status of multimillionaires. I’ll probably give it to someone who makes a billion dollars ( ) I’ll make sure you have it somewhere so you can give it to the poor. Who knows what it was like in the Thug series when he said such things, but no matter how he finally gave an idea of what it would have been like if he had taken the top position in the country. Later, he said that he would be a better president than “Kanye West” because “Kanye cannot be smarter than he is”. Gangster comrades talk about redistributing wealth and killing billionaires. Let’s take this away from you. Let’s freeze it.

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