YBN Cordae made its music scene debut in 2018 with a remix of Eminem “ My Name Is”, released on YouTube with an exclusive WordStarHipHop video. “Why does everyone change from me when I’m the same,” YBN Cordae told the crowd, rapping his freestyle “My Name Is. To date, YBN Cordae includes his “My name is” in his playlist. The rapper takes the “whites” of the crowd to raise their hands in the air, and then the “blacks” to do the same. Cole’s “1985” caught the attention of the music community. The crowd of he from New York recently performed the song to see how they fully engage with the video below and listen to the rapper’s spike and move their arms from side to side. “That’s why I bring Major Payne as Damon Wayans. A year later, YBN Cordae was part of the XXL Novice Class of 2019, a year after YBN Nahmir. You can hear the crowd enthusiastically responding to almost all of YBN Cordae’s spittle. YBN Cordae is a Warner Music artist. YBN Cordae tries to unite his fans, in black and white. After all, YBN Cordae’s LA Leakers Freestyle has made him one of the most talented young composers of his generation. Uproxx is an independent subsidiary of Warner Music Group. And now that they’ve fried chickens, it’s not Raising Cane’s. Another remix of J.

Cordae YBN Cordae Performs