What we learned: The WWE Divas division is now capable of delivering great singles matches without an abundance of storyline nonsense or the title needing to be at stake.

The Boston crowd seemed to be very into the match and the big pop for Sasha’s win proves WWE is onto something good with her.

What we learned: It’s important to have a cool-off match after something as incredible and intense as that ladder match.

What we learned: The match was certainly helped by a very, very hot crowd.

These two beat the heck out of each other in an entertaining match, but in the end, Ambrose managed to reverse a pop-up powerbomb attempt into a roll-up to get the win … and the title.

Paige looked to have the match won, but Flair put Charlotte’s foot on the ropes to break up the pin.

She worked mean, emulated her father during the entire match and cheated to win.

Team BAD were shown watching the match backstage, dressed as the former Team PCB. So t’s your next feud, Charlotte.