WH: A while ago I said, “OK, I think I have to work hard for three years [straight] because I took a period of time off.” It might have accompanied the same period of time nobody wanted to give me a job [laughs].

Which is cool if you’ve got your schedule figured out so you’re shooting two months and then taking time off, but I haven’t been doing that.

T’s the very rigorous schedule, and then I’ll come home and have to get on the phone for a business thing, so it can feel like t’s never a time to let up.

WH: So I do vaporize, but I still am not smoking because I don’t want to mess with my lungs.

I’m curious: Have you noticed any distinct changes on set since the Time’s Up movement?

WH: One thing I did notice at the Oscars that scared me a little was that t were at least three times when someone came onstage and was about to hug the other person and then stopped themselves and just gave them a pat on the arm or something.

The power of it, you know, it’s like, “Whoa, man!” These are exciting times.