SPICEWOOD, Texas – One of Willie Nelson’s great passions, in addition to music, is golf.

People won’t find much of a country club feel out at Willie Nelson’s Cut N Putt golf course.

“T are a lot of local rules, such as players are requested to not clink coins or pass gas when another person is putting and t’s no more than 14 allowed in your foursome. I think Willie made all these rules up. One of the old rules I don’t see on the card any more probably not as politically correct these days as it once was is no skimpy attire except on women. You’re not going to have to worry about country club attire,” said Turk Pipkin, longtime friend of Willie Nelson.

Ten years later Willie bought the course and the adjoining recording studio that puts the Cut in Cut and Putt.

“I find people come from all over the world that don’t even play golf but they’re such Willie fans that they want to leave with some sort of Willie wear or paraphernalia or music or pictures or something to experience the fact that they have some connection to Willie Nelson,” said Fran Szal, of Willie Nelson’s Pedernales Golf Club.

“In the old days it was a big group and t could be 15 carts out , 15 people in 15 carts and whoever got to the ball first they generally claim the ball as their own so Willie always said may the man with the fastest cart win. Willie always had the fastest cart,” said Pipkin.