As rumors of divorce made rounds on Monday, Aug. 3, Jada Pinkett Smith shed more insight about her high-profile marriage to Will Smith – ups and downs contained – in the August 2015 issue of American Way magazine.

Pinkett Smith told American Airlines’ inflight magazine that she and her husband are accustomed to the gossips.

“Marriages go through shifts,” she told the mag.

Despite the continuous conversation encircling her family, Pinkett Smith said she is unfazed.

“If you want to know,” she told the mag, “I’m thankful for the Hollywood examination, that that’s my trouble.”

“T are mothers out t losing their sons, their husbands, their daughters,” she said.

“When you are able to look in your guy’s eyes and understand that he’s holding you down and that he loves you,” she mused, “Here’s what’s real: I’m not the type of woman that believes a man is just not definitely going to be attracted to another girl.”