In the new single “Clean the whole room out”, available in digital and vinyl versions, the New York artist combines his solid and horrific reputation with his dark letter and bold features. Bailis Brown and 0079, a couple of Bristol producers who together form DedW8, have done what countless producers could only dream of: get a whole song with exclusive and original voices from one of the hottest names in rap, Conway the Machine. Clean the room out” is now available in a limited vinyl and digital version on Split Prophets Records. The energy and humor of the rhythm are firmly rooted in the “kingdom of horror”, so the creepy lifestyle inspired by Conway’s rap is buzzing with heavy bass. Bailis talked about how the collaboration came about, and explained: “We were fans for a few years, and we methim’ at Instagram and wanted to have a star. Wish Master Waves Coming Ft. broadcasts the single here.

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