While it would be nice to see Alchemist return to the days of compilation albums – it’s been some time since Chemical Warfare was released in 2009 – this latest release is certainly a welcome addition to their already extensive repertoire. The Alchemist has been very busy lately, producing entire albums for such musicians as Armand Hammer, Freddie Gibbs, Boldy James, Conway The Machine and many others. Now Alc is releasing a new album, this time an EP called This Thing Of Ours, featuring Maxo, Boldy James, Earl Sweatshirt, Navy Blue and Pink Siifu. Attentive listeners have probably already noticed some of the songs, since Loose Change and Nobles were already released as singles, but when you hear them in the context of the album, they take on a whole new meaning. Not to mention “his” solo work, including “his” latest project Carry The Fire, a conceptual journey that brings the story of the Olympic torch to life. In terms of production, Alchemist stays within “his” means, recycling samples with skill and rarely going overboard with percussion. Be sure to check out This Thing of Ours, which includes four new tracks and their instrumental variations on The Alchemist theme. Much of “his” music has a haunting, calm atmosp that allows the listener to focus on the rhythms. It doesn’t hurt that the elusive Earl Sweatshirt wrote not one, but two new verses. Talk about Hot New Hip Hop News.