When he was talking on the floor, Stormsey said “W t are no words, the music says. It was hard for me to find the words to describe the importance of this song for me. It was hard for me to explain why I felt the need to say what I said on the album, and I couldn’t sum up the emotional journey that the song brings with me when I see it. Friday, right? The new song you want? Well, we have this for you. Music Crowns is the world’s leading platform for discovering new artists, promotions and opportunities for the best nonsigned, independent and revolutionary artists in the world. Music Crowns is a global platform for the discovery of musicians, a gateway brand for the best unsigned, independent and recently signed musicians in the world. With Stormzy, Kings, Miraa May & Jme, John Vincent III and Brother Zulu, you shouldn’t turn off the playlist. The kings have won the New Zealand Music Awards three times, and very soon, “its” “sound” will dominate the world’s radio waves. Miraah May has just found time to release new songs for her Glastonbury show next week and joined JME for “Angles”. The “Soul House” quintet, Bruder Zulu, is ready to bring a little warmth to the distant and weak English summer with their latest offer, “Ice Cold”, a funny and touching piece of crystal West African rhythms and synthesizers. I hope people will be playing my music while traveling along the Washington coast and wonder why they’re now. Taylor Swift is already co-author of his “Back To My Ways” song, and it’s obvious that Ohio-born John Vincent III is an extremely talented artist.