T are several telltale signs in this artfully gory horror flick that was directed last April by the executive producer’s protegĂ© Nick Simon, with Victoria masquerading as Spearfish, South Dakota.

“I’m going to kill you in the first five minutes,” said Simon, explaining how he phrased his offer to Isabelle.

T are many more pop-culture references tucked into this by turns playful and gruesome homage to classic suburban slasher movies, with Simon pairing retooled horror tropes with social commentary.

The images are an apparent homage to the American Apparel-campaigns that inspired Simon.

“Kal loved playing this crazy person because he doesn’t usually get offers like this,” said Simon, who said he never knew what Kal would do next to spice things up.

As creepy as the material could be, Simon says genre pieces are fun to make.

One of the conditions the owners imposed was that no killing scenes be shot in the home, said Simon, adding the film’s “Big kill scene” was shot in a Saanichton building that was once Mount Newton School.

“I worked with all my heroes on this movie,” said Simon.

“We scouted a ton of different grocery stores and t something old-school about it,” said Simon.