T are some soulful contributions, including “Beaten Gold” with Penelope Oddity which adds warm and captivating harmonies to the building’s rhythms, “Greed” with Jerome Thomas, a neo spirit song with soothing qualities, and “By The Moon” with Rie’s soothing voice, all fantastic things. Boring and weird historical music” has just been released on High Focus Records, available on your favourite digital channel, as well as a limited edition vinyl with some illustrations by Blake Dunlop. The album opens with “Ungraceful Piano Sequence”, a provocative composition that blends high drums and tribal life in a hypnotic atmosp, a good example of solid instrumental work. However, the highlight of the album is “Wickedest Ting”, with an explosive vocal for Killa P.’s dance rhythms. Chemo. This conceptual work, essentially instrumental, is filled with energy, an absolute atmospheric miracle that attracts influences from all genres of music and gives a beautiful range of sounds. For those who have never experienced Telemachus, this 15-track album will be very different from the usual hi-fi track. It is a fascinating project not only for hip-hop lovers, but also for fans of all kinds of music, conceptual works and sounds with soul that should not be missed. This song came from the left field with a relatively quiet cover, but it’s a beautiful love letter in the jungle. Those who remember the era of the jungle will be happy with the end of this play. However, t are a number of collaborations that should satisfy those who want to sing, and well thought-out craftsmanship. The other is “I am delicious and sweet”. However, it would be foolish not to listen carefully to this work and make sure that it is eaten chronologically.

Weird Historical Music