The last celebrity who generously donated her wallet is The Weeknd, as the Canadian singer donated $500,000 to various charities that support the Black Lives Matter movementmovement. During The Weekend, the public was asked to donate everything possible, even a small amount, after the announcement that he had donated $500,000 to BLM efforts. It was estimated that thousands of people were arrested by police across the country in the days following the outbreak of protests, riots and looting following the murder of George Floyd. “We continue to support our brothers and sisters and risk everything to make a real difference in our black lives,” he wrote. Many of these people can’t afford bail, so celebrities have pledged to help the needy. “Encourage those who have big pockets to give a lot and give a lot, and if you have less, give what you can, even a small amount. Tell me about the new hot hip-hop.”

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