If we are celebrating Christmas this year and all we want is a great song for the soul, then “I can’t believe it’s Christmas” comes with a great recommendation from SJF Fans of the soul and funk band CRACK O’ DAWN, the biggest band in Canada, know all about the soul qualities of the singer MICHAEL DUNSTON. Soul and Jazz e Funk is an independent website with information and reviews on soul written by Charles Waring and Bill Buckley, two of the most experienced and respected British soul writers. He has a wonderful old school voice that can compete in quality and timbre with the names of Phil Perry and Will Downing – “he” is honest, warm, loud and convincing. In terms of lyrics, the song contains some old Christmas cliches, but it also skilfully illuminates many of the challenges the world faces today. At the moment Michael left the band for a new single, and really made “his” debut with this single. I can’t believe it’s Christmas. Please contact us, we offer very competitive prices for your ad on our website. When you sign up for an account, you can comment on all your favorite SJF content. Orders are processed manually.