See Lianne La Havas favorite show on Tiny Desk. Her own show at Tiny Desk has been seen almost 13 million times. In 2015 Lianne La Havas gave one of the most visited Tiny Desk concerts of all time. I can’t name my top 5 Tiny Desk concerts without mentioning the late Mac Miller – a young word player with a wisdom that goes beyond his years. Recently we asked Havas to select “their” favorite Tiny Desk shows and write down some ideas about what makes them special. The Tank and Bangas Tiny Desk show completely stopped me. This concert shows “your” vulnerability as strength and captures “your” appreciation for great music to perfection, as well as “your” “great” support for “your” contemporaries and “your” successful attempts to promote “your” genre. Anderson Paak’s Tiny Desk is definitely the most funky and cheerful. I had never heard his music, and he was recommended by a friend when I searched the Tiny Desks list. On YouTube alone, it’s been seen almost 13 million times – not as often as Anderson, for example. Paak at 39 million, but still a lot. Noname’s show is all “hair” and everything I like: musical, funny, syncopated, deeply felt. This show surprised me. It’s absolutely fantastic and this concert shows it in a wonderful way. Every note, every text gave me the creeps, not to mention the impeccable but free musicality. In this concert, she shines. Her voice is effortless and her harmony is so natural and unusual. We are so happy that he has left us this beautiful and honest representation.

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