La Santa Cecilia next album seems to be a turning point in the group’s musical career: members are at the forefront of an authentic, personal and ingenious approach to music creation, even though life is devastating. Although the band’s music has always embraced a wide variety of styles, this new album allows them to penetrate other genres, such as the early blues and creole sounds of Nobody Knows You Are Down and Bessie Smith’s Out, the Always Together album fusion, which reminds Donna Summer of an introduction in the style of Giorgio Moroder, or the backbeat of A Thousand Times, Americana, Norteño and Reggaeton-Cumbia. With the eradication of certain social norms and the emergence of new norms in this country, artists such as the Grammy-winning group La Santa Cecilia have creatively addressed the phenomenon of “new normality” on social networks. In “Winning”, La Santa Cecilia energetically plays poprock, arcade and even bachata sounds from the eighties, with elements of the spoken word, while Marisoul expresses the seemingly endless range of feelings, statements and moods that social media express in the form of hashtags. Prior to the release of the new song – and after the start of their visual album, Bolero and Ranchera Heavy Amar y Vivir – the Los Angeles band presents their new rock single “Winning”, which was created in the World Café. Watch the music video “Winning” by La Santa Cecilia: World Café The new song and its images show in a humorous way the emptiness of something we are constantly immersed in. Between the last album and the next release, La Santa Cecilia was also struck by the tragedy of losing three of the band’s members, “her” father. In an email from the group about “Winning”, the members say they have written the song after “realizing how loose and uninspired we feel about social media. 11, is full of new sounds of the group, known for its discovery of traditional Mexican and Latin American music and the creation of new versions. The group writes: “We want to make sure that our art and our music are seen first by the prism of art and music. These devastating emotions are reflected in I’ve Been Thinking, an exciting song about sadness, the feelings surrounding the loss of a loved one and the memories they leave behind. Produced by Sebastian Krys, the band’s new album of the same name, to be released in October, the music and videos are a nod to the way we live and express our digital lives on social media. “We wanted to show how ridiculous all this can be,” wrote the group. “Aimée, keep me quiet, don’t let me go,” sings Marisoul in a “devastating and moving” voice.

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