Tea Zbets Megan with Big Ole Fricke, DaBabi with Suge, Mickey Mill with Bad Way to Go and Rick Ross with Money in the Grave with Drake in front of a crowd of Khischnikov fans. Cardi B, Megan the Secret Zbets, Offset, Mickey Mill, Ig, Dabababi, Gucci Maine, Rick Ross, Lil Malysh, Tiga and others appeared during the shooting of the Drake. The OVO Drake Festival in Toronto has just finished its last evening, and it seems that Drake made an impressive impression on the audience during “his” own set. Drake led the famous guests to the start of the filming and allowed them to go through. In this case, you will have a Drake show with almost all the important hipop songs. The OVO Fest was recently announced for their expensive tickets to the annual general meeting of shareholders, but if you look closely, you will get a good value for money. The list of all the guest performances recorded in this way makes it almost impossible to get an impression of the great influence of all these individual artists. Uproxxxx is an independent subsidiary of the Warner Music Group. See above some videos from the Drake OVO Fest. Some of the artists represented are Warner Music artists.

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