Video: Arlo Parks plays in a small office in his “own” house. Watch the young London pop artist perform four songs for our Tiny Desk quarantine series. Accompanied by a guitar from his London house Parks opens with his last single “Hurt”, followed by three songs that he has made known to the world, reminding us that we are not really alone. The same contradiction can be found in his team: the MF Doomsday poster for Operation Doomsday 1999 hangs in a room with beautiful accents, plants and a velvet sofa. The little secretary will work from home in the near future. The songs of Arlo Parks reflect the feeling that we all had this summer. For me, music was the ultimate survival mechanism. The same spirit – disassembled sets, intimate setting – just another space. The themes that she writes about are well known, but our pain manifestations are rarely so beautifully expressed. Most of us have experienced some kind of love sickness in recent months.