Of course, SNL ordered for R.E.H. another high level music guest who performed “Damage” – the single he was released a few days earlier – and an even more recent song called “Hold On”. “The studio version of this last song was put on air on Saturday night It‘s been almost five years since Adele released her 25th Grammy-Festoon album – so you should wonder if fans will be spoilt by the new material when the singer returns to Saturday Night Live. So that SNL can’t be blamed for leaving a powerful sports car in her garage, she found an opportunity for Adele to sing excerpts from four of her most famous songs – “Someone Like You”, “Hello”, “When We Were Young” and “Rolling in the Deep” – in a sketch presented as the opening of the “Bachelor” season. In her opening monologue, Adele gave an explanation, which was also a kind of update: “I know t’s been a lot of talk about being just a host,” the singer said. H.E.R. has always been friendly and discreet on stage and has givenher’ two very discreet performances, butHold On’ has givenher’ the opportunity to identify someher’ typical guitar characters. Speaking of welcome guests, next week John Muleini will be hosting NL with his music guest The Strokes. But she was the host, not the musical guest.

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