American music websites are reporting the death of WAL JACKSON who was a member of the soul harmony group Enchantment. The band released two more albums before Roadshow, but due to label problems they never reached the big leagues of soul music, but became a successful local landmark in and around Detroit. Soul and Jazz and Funk is an independent information and review site about soul music compiled by Charles Waring and Bill Buckley, two of the most experienced and respected British writers in the field. Details are still scarce, the news was announced on the Facebook page of David Banks, a member of the band Enchantment. The band Enchantment was formed in Detroit in the late 1960s and signed to Roadshow Records in 1976, w they worked with producer Michael Stokes, who later moved to Motown. Their self-titled debut album produced two R&B hits, “Sunshine” and the ballad “Gloria,” both written by singer E. Please contact us, we offer very competitive rates for placing your listing on our site. WALTER L JONES THIS. If you request an account, you will be able to respond to all your favorite content on SJF. Requests will be handled manually. Johnson.