So when we talk about the artists who make up modern Seattle and the record labels that support it, we’ll be careless, not to mention the multimedia artists who define the visual presence of the city’s music scene in 2019. Wall Projections & Watercolor: 11 artists who create the image of Seattle Music, from artists to directors and photographers, Seattle has never stopped innovating in visual presentation. Pittsburgh-based director Claire Bass, born in Seattle, stood out as a director of clips for artists like Julia Shapiro, Versing and Tacocat, but she had already proven herself in The Future Is 0: “When I played in Seattle bands, I realized that I could combine my passion for music and work with my friends on music videos. But that’s just one facet of Porter, known in Seattle as an experienced rapper who came on stage as half the traps of the Sleep Steady duo and now plays music “in his own way. Award-winning Carlos A.F. Lopez has been incredibly productive throughout his “decade” career, creating clips for independent labels such as Sub Pop, Hardly Art, Kill Rock Stars, Barsuk, Suicide Squeeze and In The Red. If you read the illustrations from the album, music videos, photos and live performances at the same time, you can summarise the whole story of how it was – to live and breathe that special moment in the music. Whether it’s shooting the hypnotic flow of Ought or in the snow with the local duo of Crater, McHugh brings sensitivity to the his films, which makes it stand out in the Seattle video landscape. His special style has made him very popular in Seattle underground, leading him to collaborate with artists such as the avant-garde jazz duo Bad Luck and Zen Mother Experimenters, as well as with local festivals such as Freakout Fest and Big Bldg Bash. I’ve always seen myself as a kind of addition to the band I’ve worked with, and who were responsible for creating a visual addition to the music. Recently he photographed Shana Cleveland, Joe Passed, So Pete, Julia Shapiro and Dude York, shot several sub-pop videos with Kyle Kraft and starred in Delicate Steve rock band. His clips for northwestern bands such as Versing and Big Bite record the disturbing spirit of their respective songs. Christian Petersen penetrates the world of art, music, fashion and advertising with his works, sometimes moving, sometimes minimalist, sometimes clicking, and applies his vision to a whole series of works.

Wall Projections