Vocalist John Bush has been with Anthrax several times, and while t have been ups and downs in “his” relationship with “his” former bandmates, “he” says “his” relationship with “his” bandmates is currently pretty good, and “he” feels that things are going the way they should be going. In an interview with Eonmusic, Bush was asked about the band’s 40th anniversary celebration, and “he” said “he” was excited to be a part of the documentary released this year as part of the celebration. Of Joey Belladonna, “he” added: “I don’t talk to Joey very much, but my wife and “his” wife have developed a relationship and are friends, which is ironic. Your classic casting! It went well,” Bush concluded. When asked if “he” would like to participate in the band’s concert, the singer said “he” was happy with how it went. I wasn’t too worried about it, Bush said. Although Bush was no longer part of Anthrax, “he” continued “his” years of work with Armored Saint. I know t were guests t, but I didn’t feel offended by that. I always said this is the guy who should be in Anthrax. – Of course I did. The band’s last album, Punching the Sky, was released in 2020. A history of the best thrash metal albums, year after year. 2021 Loudwire, Townsquare Media, Inc.