Friday, huh? Want some new music? Well, we have this for you. Music Crowns is a global platform for discovering new artists, a brand of the world’s best subscribers, independent artists and newcomers. The 19-year-old Alex Dominguez was greeted by dozens of music lovers in “his” wheelchair during the Swedish band’s performance. Speaking at the Huffington Post, the young law student reflected on the current moment and said: “It was an explosion of energy, adrenaline, emotion, joy and happiness. The consolation video of a metal fanatic and a crippled brain at the Resurrection of the Vevero festival in Spain was viral. The inspiring moment was seized by several fans when they saw on stage the worst enemy. After their “presence” at the festival, Alex’s family also thanked the fans for their efforts to make Alex’s experience unforgettable. Photographer Daniel Cruz managed to capture a cult image, which was broadcasted on social networks thousands of times.

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