Video: Watch the game “Spill Village” in a small church office in Atlanta Let the Atlanta hip-hop team take you to church in their quarantine video “Tiny Table”. The Atlanta team consists of members of Dreamville J.I.D. and EARTHGANG, Jourdan Bryant, Hollywood JB, Benji and Tiny Desk graduate, Mereba. The main theme of Spilligion is spirituality, and when they had the idea of filming in church, I knew it was the perfect alternative if they couldn’t act at the table. Spillage Village began work on their latest album “Spilligion” as a direct response to the unpredictable chaos the world has been facing since March. J.I.D. told Rolling Stone that he originally rented a house to record his third solo album in collaboration, but a serious pandemic and problems of social justice led to the song being beyond the reach of a single artist. In the near future, Little Desk will work from home. The opening, with the sinister and apocalyptic “End of Daze”, ending with songs such as “Hapi” and “Jupiter” seems too appropriate in 2020. The R&B 6lack star, who is also a member of the band, was unable to make it to the recordings due to travel restrictions. The same spirit – disassembled scenery, intimate environment – just another room.

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