Not too many people can say they’ve had the same job for over three decades and still love it – except for Vanna White.

She spoke with Fox News about what the audition process to host “Wheel” was really like, the thousands of gowns she’s worn and the important lesson she learned after appearing in Playboy.

Fox News: What’s the secret behind the show’s lasting success?Vanna White: For almost 35 years I’ve been asked that same question and I still don’t have an answer! I really don’t.

Fox News: You’ve mentioned in past interviews you regret posing for Playboy.

Fox News: When did you realize that you, Vanna White, made it big?White: T’s one time that still sticks out to me.

VANNA WHITE REGRETS POSING FOR PLAYBOY. Fox News: When did you realize that one of the goals you wanted to accomplish was to also help children in need?White: When I had my own children.