Usain Bolt secured his second triumph in the World Championships in Beijing with success in the men’s 200 metres T was drama on the lap of honour afterwards when the Jamaican was run over by way of a cameraman riding a SegwayBut Bolt taken an apology on Friday at the Bird’s Nest By Jack Gaughan for MailOnline.

No hard feelings was the sequence of Usain Bolt’s day as he sought out the TV cameraman who felled him after Thursday’s 200 metres final in Beijing.

Usain Bolt shakes the hand of the TV cameraman who flew into him while on a Segway in the Bird’s Nest in Beijing.

Bolt made a beeline for the TV cameraman during the medal ceremony after yet another winning performance in the 200 metres.

Bolt observed his victory on the track and had been closely followed by a cameraman on an electric Segway on Thursday.

The cameraman took him out from behind and Bolt’s legs were taken from underneath him.

The Segway-riding cameraman was clearly riding too close to Bolt and unintentionally clattered into him.

In a jovial press conference beneath the Bird’s Nest, Bolt joked the cameraman who crashed into him may have already been paid by ex-doper Gatlin, defeated into the silver medal standing for another time in a single week.

Bolt fell back on to the cameraman but escaped serious harm.