NAPOLEON: “Gully SZN project which appears in a small town and in a day’s time a lot of other things that many people can do with it. After the success of K9INES in collecting more than 500,000 spoiled streams from the new “Gully SZN” project, the “Shakey” jumper comes to life with the help of Perth Sondar Films, a videographer. FIGURE: In this video we wanted to capture a part of Perth’s history, our communication and the atmosp in which we live and work. NAPOLEON: I wanted to show us that we have fun, that we have fun, that we have fun, that we have fun, that we have fun, that we have fun, that we have fun, that we have fun, that we present our arrogance to the world, that we work so hard that we only work when we have the opportunity. The installation in which this video was filmed is actually a historic and legendary place of nightlife that has gone through its own trials and tribulations in the city. NAPOLEON: In total, I worked on two group projects, including GS1 and mixed solo tape. NAPOLEON: Only my love of the game, the way I was made, the music was what naturally happened to me. NAPOLEON: T is a very big market for fashion genres and small and small genres that take their place in the game, and that’s more than ever before in the world. The video is fully recorded in Washington State and spread to the north, south and center of the city to emphasize the differences in terrain and the environment of the state. Drake, Skepta, Headpiece, Xen Bain, Unknown T, Digga D, Block D Europe, Octavianus. Gully SZN about the team that called me K9INES. The video continues to show the versatility of the trio, but also shows a more playful and undulating atmosp that makes heads shake and jump to the end. I like working with my team on everything they do, helping them with shit. NAPOLEON: Create a platform and a stage to see the talents, not just statistics or something like that.

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