For 8 weeks he was number one at the Radio Charts Club in the United States and was very successful at iTunes Top 100, Swiss Dance Charts, Radio AirPlay Now, Examine, Record World Chart and Edge Music. Can I say more than 50 songs? Maybe? I forgot that I always work with different artists and my own music. He won several Hollywood music awards for best young artist and best EDM music. When she grew up, she decided to continue her “own” career in Los Angeles and study music at the famous Los Angeles Academy of Music. At a very young age Tenach won several beauty contests and danced at high level events. Be fresh and in harmony with all my new music. I always liked to dance and sing music. I try to make music for this scene. I see that you have the right underground approach that focuses on the right artists and creativity. I hear a lot of different DJs that inspire me. T was a time when different people around me wanted to tell me who could and couldn’t be. I think, as an Indian artist, you have a lot of tools in your favor. My uncle was a professional photographer, and he started taking pictures of me when I was 6 months old. When I was very young, I started dancing and singing.