Edward loves bees and rhythms, which is reflected in his instrumental composition on the individual aromas of honey and the new video “The Forest”. Rhythms and bees are important elements in the life of Edward Sizzerhand! Born in Brooklyn, New York, he gained worldwide recognition in the late 1990s with his Square One rap team. I’m watching Bees & Beats! Thank you for your time and for the invitation. After separating from the team, the DJ and the producer became beekeepers and gained several years of professional experience in honey production. Most of the income from my release will be reinvested in my beekeeping project, the mid-sized bee.com, so the beats will save the bees! I will keep you informed. I do concerts, beat sets and play some songs from my playlist Spotify’Honey Flavor Beats’. Nowadays you follow playlists instead of albums, so you’ll find many more artists with similar styles on streaming portals, but you still have the opportunity to buy everything in vinyl, which takes you back to the good old days. In spring and summer I’m busy with my bee and honey production, I have about 4 million bees that fly. The whole region is a nature reserve and I was fascinated by the number of bees that can enter for a season. You were part of the legendary rap group Square One and gained worldwide recognition in 2001 with the albumWalk Of Life’. The bees get nectar from the rhododendron flowers for this special honey. During my beekeeping training I learned a lot about the sensory analysis of honey aromas, because t are many different types of honey. The themeAlpenrose’ is a very fresh and fresh instrumental in the album, very supple with trance-like fillings. Everything was sprinkled with good rhythms, rhymes and cuts. I live on an old farm, surrounded by 4 million bees and my studio. Beats and bees.