Following the matinee performance of Broadway’s The Parisian Woman on February 3, Uma Thurman and her fellow cast members will participate in a Q&A moderated by Ilana Levine, host of the podcast, Little Known Facts.

House of Cards creator Beau Willimon’s The Parisian Woman plays at the Hudson Theatre, w it opened on November 30.

Uma Thurman makes her Broadway debut in the production under the direction of Tony Award winner Pam MacKinnon.

The political drama is set in Washington, D.C., after the 2016 election, w Chloe, a socialite armed with charm and wit, is coming to terms with politics, her past, her marriage, and an uncertain future.

Dark humor and drama collide at this pivotal moment in Chloe’s life, and in our nation’s, when the truth isn’t obvious and stakes couldn’t be higher.

Willimon’s inspiration for The Parisian Woman comes from French dramatist Henri Becque’s controversial play La Parisienne, which debuted in Paris in 1885.

The Parisian Woman was commissioned and developed by the Flea Theater in New York City and was originally produced by South Coast Repertory Theatre.

Thurman was recently a guest on Levine’s Little Known Facts.