This will be the first time since I recorded songs on my debut album “The Butterfly Effect” and “Dancing With Mirrors,” and only Analogue Barbie will be producing, which will allow her to create a more consistent and intriguing work. I started in 1995, and I think I’ve seen an increase in female rappers, but I haven’t seen that lead to a lot of women drawing in the big leagues, not even as much as men. and so I think it’s time for a lot of women to draw in the big leagues, because the female voice is missing from the hip-hop world scene. When asked who her favorite musicians were, she answered “Cardi B.” The long-awaited albums “” and “Herstory” will be released in 2022, seven years after C-Mone’s last album, and are sure to exceed expectations as the Nottingham native offers incredible alchemy – stay tuned. Others may know her as Mike Skinner’s poor friend on The Streets album “A Grand Don’t Come for Free” or as her work with Estelle, Morchiba and Groove Armada, who also won “Best Female MC” at the UK Hip Hop Awards, of course she is a very talented artist with a huge catalog, so if you don’t know her, you better get to know her. In 2011 she went on to work on her second album “Dancing With Mirrors” with P Rock Marciano Brothers and productions by Nick Stez and AR Mular. Her next fourth album is called “Herstory,” an autobiography to be released shortly after her third album, both scheduled for 2022. She called “Black” her recent favorite single, a song produced by Atlanta Buff Baggwell, with whom she has already collaborated on a book club release. T was also “The Summer 2012 Project,” an EP with several notable remixes, as well as a mini-mix released in 2013, “The Monday Book Club,” in which she collaborated with several musicians and producers, a much more eclectic and folky song that can be downloaded for free . Nottingham rap queen C-Mone released her third and fourth album on her independent label Dark Whisper Records in 2022. We last spoke with C-Mone in 2006, shortly after the release of “Butterfly Effect.” For those unfamiliar with her work: C-Mone began her journey by joining Out Da Ville, a great crew originally formed by Big Trev, with the likes of Lee Ramsey, Scorzaizi, Carisma and others in 1996, a year after she started rapping.

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