Kvngs is a new British Afrobeats artist who grew up in both London and Nigeria, so his music is clearly influenced by both scenes. Inspired by artists like Ice Prince Chocolate City and Burna Boy, Kvngs is a young artist with one foot in London and the other in West Africa. Music Crowns is a global platform for finding music artists, the place to find the world’s best unsigned, independent and established artists. As a teenager, he began immersing himself in the rich musical culture and history of both regions, soaking up both the sounds of the UK, such as grime, and the burgeoning Nigerian afrobeat and afropop scene. Bedlam, a band from Australia, has refreshing music with a nice presence. Musically, “Opor” also has the feel of acid jazz, with an electric piano and horn section adding a summery vibe. Born in Nigeria, he was raised and educated in Ibadan Akobo and London. Kvngs has established himself as one of those artists worth following in the UK, and with this celebration he puts his stamp on playing. Leah Barnyville is a 19-year-old singer from Dublin, Ireland. The rapper OneDa returns with her second track of the year, “YoYo.”

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