T were just hours to go until the Oscars, but it only took about 15 minutes for Trevante Rhodes to transform from sweatpants-and-backpack casual to his red-carpet-ready Calvin Klein custom tuxedo.

“Everything is insane; everything about this life is insane,” Rhodes told us as he prepared for the last chapter of what has been a whirlwind of an awards season for him, since Moonlight debuted at Telluride and just hours before it won best picture in one of the most surprising conclusions to an Oscars ceremony in recent memory.

If it weren’t for the tux and the entourage of people in the room with him, it might have seemed like Rhodes was getting ready to head to the gym, or a friend’s house.

Was t anyone Rhodes was looking forward to meeting at the Oscars? “I’ve met pretty much everyone already,” he said with a smile.

Zohar started working with Rhodes during September’s Telluride Film Festival, only her second awards season ever.

“He’s like, ‘What am I wearing today?’ and I say, ‘It’s burgundy.'” Zohar, who has been styling for about eight years out of Los Angeles, said that she likes styling Rhodes in color, and finding ways to add a “Little flair” to his looks.

Rhodes is currently filming Predator, with Jacob Tremblay, who recently posted a chummy photo of the two of them.

Seeing Rhodes all dressed and ready to go, Zohar gazed upon him with the eyes of a mother seeing her kid go off to graduation.