This means that the new Reese’s Puffs unfortunately haven’t been replaced by the little Travis Scott Puffs so if you have a very special and strange dream of eating a replica of your favorite rappers’ peanut butter-enriched cereal – just wait. No, Travis Scott is getting taller than any rapper before “he” does, sticking a finger in the breakfast cereal. Apart from the new design of the boxes, they don’t seem to be any different from the lowest price in June, although Internet resale prices have the boxes cheaper than the original $50 price. Nor is it the recent flight of the rapper on Young Thug’s new single “The London”, nor the fierce publicity that has dominated “his” upcoming “collaboration” with Nike. REESES PUFF X TRAVIS SCOTTT $25.00 per box. Travis Scott is on a new level. Today, according to Hypebeast, boxes with a new design are appearing in supermarkets like Wall-Mart. Details are rare and delivery was not made by ad, so consider this a surprise! Your local supermarket may have one or two boxes, but don’t be surprised if they’re completely sold out. DM to me if you are interested.

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