Stripped of her titles, Tonya became America’s punch line; every deli across this great nation thought it was clever to name a sandwich the “Tonya Harding Club.”.

Even after the Kerrigan Incident, when the United States Figure Skating Association placed a lifelong ban on Tonya participating in in all official USFSA events, Tonya was undeterred; she tried to start a singing career as a member of a Spice Girls-esque girl group, and later, became a boxer.

In honor of I, Tonya’s release, we caught up with a few of Tonya’s most die-hard fans to discuss what keeps the Cult of Tonya going strong – and adding new members everyday.

The Impersonator: Lynn Harris, former preeminent Tonya Harding impersonator seen on the Ricki Lake show, current women’s advocate, and founder of Gold Comedy.

How did you become the “Premier Tonya Harding look-alike”? Some are born Tonya, some achieve Tonya, and some have Tonya thrust upon them.

He’s a white, straight, middle-aged real-estate agent who doesn’t know the first thing about anything, but he’s come to find out who Tonya Harding is.

What brought you to the Tonya Harding museum, originally?I love figure skating, art, and hallways.