The musician was very popular and on the first anniversary of his “death” the guitarist and co-founder of Hellyeah Tom Maxwell wrote an open letter to greet his “friend” and companion of the deceased band. He was buried in Moore Memorial Garden in Arlington, Texas, on June 30, 2018, along with his “brother” Diamebag Darrell Abbott and his mother Carolyn. Roy Mayorga from Stone Sour’s Roy Mayorga has recently joined the band to pay tribute to the band and will be accompanying them to upcoming concerts in support of the album. Maybe going back to the streets and surrounded by the HY family will help me get through my love story with music and games. In addition to Hellyeah, the drummer made his name in Pantera and also played in Damageplan with his brother. I am writing this letter to tell you how much I miss you and how much I love you. Hellia was recording a new album when Paul died. So they decided to finish the album, which was almost ready, after Paul. It’s hard to wake up and try to navigate through these rough waters. Hellyeah will release “her”, Welcome Home later this year. Passions have been diluted and almost completely lost, but in the end I think you would have been disappointed if we hadn’t moved on. We want to present your position and respect your report, as well as what you would expect from us. Winnie Paul Abbott died of prolonged cardiomyopathy at the age of 54. Thank you for encouraging me, for letting me into your life and, above all, for becoming a good friend to me.

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