The journalist suggested Hardy’s own sexuality was “Ambiguous” based on replies he allegedly gave within an interview before, and inquired: “Do you find it difficult for celebs to talk to media about their sexuality?”.

“What on earth are you on about?” Hardy replied, later adding: “I don’t locate it difficult for celebrities to talk about their sexuality. Are you really asking me about my sexuality?”.

within an editorial entitled ‘Why Daily Extra inquired Tom Hardy about his sexuality at TIFF’, the website replied to the media storm that followed the footage.

Xtra acknowledged that Hardy “Bristled” at the question but insisted other actors were happy to talk about sexuality and gender.

The site said it’s a duty to address sexuality both in real life and on screen.

“Though celebrity Tom Hardy bristled at Daily Xtra’s questions about sexuality during a press conference in the Toronto International Film Festival on Sept 13, 2015, touching off a media firestorm – other celebrities have adopted our questions at TIFF, as well as welcomed the chance to shine a spotlight on sexuality and gender identity.”

“As Canada’s gay and lesbian news source, we feel it is our duty to examine sexuality as well as the ways in which it is portrayed on screen, especially once it is in the public eye.”