It’s all fun and games until someone slams into a building, as Tom Cruise appears to have learned Sunday in London.

The movie star, known for doing his own stunts, was attempting to jump from one building to another while filming “Mission: Impossible 6.” In a couple of videos obtained by TMZ, Cruise misses the mark at least twice, and comes up limping hard.

In what appears to be the more painful miss, the cabled-up 55-year-old runs off one roof, comes up short and slams into the target building.

He then clambers up onto the second roof, favors his right leg as he limps awkwardly toward crew members, limps gingerly around on the roof and gives a wave to crew before he’s hauled back to the starting point by people TMZ describes as members of the “MI: 6” safety team.

Another video, shot from the ground, showed a different attempt in which Cruise misses the second roof, hits the side of the target building and is immediately hauled back to the first building.

The extent of Cruise’s injury was unknown Monday morning.

Cruise’s rep did not immediately respond Monday to a request for comment.