Each of the band members – Idris Winfield as lead rapper, Cameron Lucci with an impressive guitar solo, Khalil Abdul-Wakil on drums, K.C. Lucey on backing vocals and keys, and Kai Friedenberg rounding out the sound as producer and bassist – shines effortlessly, keeping the lights on for “his” neighbor. According to contest rules, there must be one table per entry, but The Wizzards went further: the music video for “Love Me” features seven tables, each with a different band member sitting on them, wearing matching jackets and shiny gold sneakers. Best “Tiny Desk 2021” sets we’ve seen this week: Part 1: All Songs Considered In the coming weeks, we’ll showcase some of the many contest entries that caught our eye. The song “Mercy,” which the band says is about “reflection, confronting ancestors and true love,” is a great example of the duo’s ability to combine the incredible vocals of both members with complex guitar parts. Vreen, a songwriter from California, explains that “he” wrote “his” first song in 2021 after a panic attack “and what felt like a very long winter,” a time when they were trying to unravel the patterns in which they felt trapped. Over the next few weeks, we’ll showcase some of the many 2021 Tiny Desk performances that caught our attention. Originally from DMV, KICKK has developed and refined a familiar yet distinctive blend of hip-hop, R&B and funk. The chunky high school rhythms can’t limit the Miami-based band’s party energy; the chemistry between the members is undeniable, as evidenced by singer Roy G. On the band’s first single, “Doing Your Thing,” KICKK offers clever lessons interspersed between sharp bars and half-sung, half-sung word melodies. Allen Leroy Hug is a collaboration between Kree Kamansky and Sarah “Cole” De La Isla, singer-songwriters from Tennessee Snow who began writing together during the COVID-19 pandemic. With a constant smile and a calm, confident voice, MikeyyAustin talks about resilience and growth. Our first track features California folk music, hip-hop from Maryland and more.

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