T. E. and Tiny Harris who were recently accused of sexual assault by an attorney seeking criminal charges on behalf of a group of women who claim the duo repeatedly drugged them, responded in a statement to Billboard after a new group of women made allegations about the allegations in a page six statement. T.I. and Tiny had previously denied the allegations, calling them “blackmail” by Blackburn. They blamed numerous new charges on one of the original accusers, Sabrina Peterson, with whom they had allegedly had difficulties “for more than a decade.” “In response to the new wave of accusations, efforts have been redoubled,” Billboard reported. “The Harrises are still waiting for prosecutors to press their charges. One woman recounted a 2010 incident in Miami in which she said she was forced to take the pill, taken to a South Beach hotel and forced to have sex with a couple when she could not consent. The three women joined the “dozens” of women now working for Tyrone A. Blackburn, while he is urging authorities in various jurisdictions to file criminal charges against the couple. Indeed, by continuing to hide behind anonymous accusations, anonymous accusers cease to be credible and become unreliable.

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