While the majority of movie remakes often fail to live up to the original, based on everything on display in this new trailer, t’s every chance that the new IT could end up being even better than the original TV miniseries.

These are kids who can carry a movie, even without adults, and that’s an impressive feat.

Speaking of the new movie’s director, let’s just say that this guy knows how to make a horror film.

Made famous by his small horror movie Mama, he’s proven that he can achieve a lot with a small budget, which is really what you want from a horror movie.

It’s been proven time and again that the best horror movies are the ones that set the scene through creating believable, likeable characters.

We need to care about the victims in a horror movie, which is why levity and pathos are necessary to help us warm to a film’s protagonists.

One thing that wasn’t communicated in the trailer for IT is that this probably isn’t the only movie in the new series.

If all goes well with this first movie as with the IT miniseries and the book of the same name, t’ll be a follow-up story in which the movie’s protagonists, as grown-ups, have to face Pennywise again.

We all know that Hollywood has gotten very good at setting up a sequel, so it’ll be interesting to see how this is addressed in the full movie.