Tuesday night’s vague testimonial by Donald Trump’s younger daughter, Tiffany, served only to make him seem more strange and aloof.

So who is Tiffany Trump? It’s a question that no one has to ask anymore about her older half-sister Ivanka, who is one of the most important public faces of the Trump campaign and brand.

Tiffany is the only child of Trump’s second marriage to model Marla Maples.

The couple got engaged after Trump’s divorce then postponed the wedding at least five times.

Newspaper articles at the time of her birth reported that Trump named her after Tiffany & Company-yes, the jewelry brand-because his purchase of the air rights above the store in the 1980s allowed him to go on to build Trump Tower on Fifth Avenue.

“She’s got mama’s legs,” Trump told a TV interviewer of infant Tiffany in 1994.

“I wanted to create some consistency w she could see him.” A source told the New York Post last year that Tiffany would spend about two weeks at year at Trump’s estate in Florida but that her relationship with her famous family didn’t extend much beyond that.